Protection Products Research

Basic Maintenance Plan (3x36) 
Lasts for the lesser of 3 years or 36,000 miles, and includes 5 services plus 1 for free

Basic Maintenance Plan (5x75) 
Similar to the first maintenance plan, except it lasts for the lesser of 5 years or 75,000 miles, and includes 10 services plus 1 free

TireCARE G1 
A smart investment, TireCARE covers costs associated with the repair or replacement of a tire, or the replacement of a wheel, due to a road hazard, such as glass, metal, nails, debris, potholes, etc. TireCARE also provides towing for covered repairs to the nearest Ford or Lincoln dealership or tire repair facility (up to $100 reimbursement). The G1 plan can cover for up to 5 years, and covers all Ford vehicles except the Edge, Fusion, and Taurus. This coverage is available to new and used vehicles (at time of purchase).

TireCARE G2 
Similar to the TireCARE G1 plan, except G2 covers only the three excluded vehicles; the Edge, Fusion, and Taurus.

Eligible on new and used vehicles, the DentCARE plan can provide coverage for up to 5 years. With this plan comes paintless dent repair, a process that removes dents without having to sand and reapply paint. Also, the covered repairs require No Deductible.

Ziebart Super Rust Protection 
Keep your vehicle rust free with this Ziebart protective coat, which keeps your vehicle safe from salt and moisture wherever you travel. Using tools designed and patented by Ziebart, rust protection is applied to where your vehicle needs it most.

Ziebart Gold Shield Protection
Designed to keep your vehicle looking like it came out of the showroom each and everyday, the Ziebart Gold Shield Protection Package comes with products made solely to protect your car. These products include Ziebart Rust Protection, a sealant applied to body panels to protect the vehicle from salt, snow, and mud. Underbody Sound Barrier is a thick, tough coating that when applied the underside of your vehicle, will protect it from salt and abrasion, and reduce noise and vibration. Another feature, the Protect-a-Shine Paint Sealant, works to maintain the vehicle's original shine and luster, protecting it from aging, premature oxidation, weathering and even acid rain. On the interior, the Ziebart Inner-Guard® PLUS will keep your vehicle looking new, making it easier to clean and improving its wearability.

Ziebart Rhino Spray (Bedliner)
The Ziebart Rhino Linings® is a rugged, non-skid coating that when sprayed into your truck bed forms a permanent airtight layer that is not only impact resistant but protects from rust and corrosion. The Rhino Linings® is also environmentally friendly and solvent-free, and will even stand up to most petroleum products, fertilizers, and chemicals

As an extended service plan, PremiumCARE covers 1000+ key component parts for the lesser of 5 years or 100,000 miles. PremiumCARE has interest free financing, and even roadside assistance.

Not even the best of drivers cannot predict inevitable chips, dents, scratches from being on the road. With WearCARE, your newly leased vehicle will be protected from the unpredictable.

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